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Phoenix Conveyancing recommend that you make contact BEFORE you sign anything in relation to your offer to purchase a property. This enables us to undertake a pre-perusal of the vendor’s documentation and to provide you with specific advice regarding the property you are looking to buy. We can also provide you with pre-purchase and general information that will assist you in buying your property.

The buying cycle includes:

  1. Contracts

What are the conditions?

The first step in the conveyancing process is obtaining a copy of the Contract from the Agent or the Vendor. We will review the contract, advise you on the conditions of the agreement, alert you of any dangers and negotiate changes to the contract with the vendor’s conveyancer/solicitor.

  1. Contract Exchange

Becoming bound

Once we have negotiated and you are satisfied with the terms of the sale, and your finance has been unconditionally approved, the contracts can be exchanged. We will attend to the exchange of contracts. Once the contracts have exchanged you become legally bound to follow through with the purchase.

  1. Bank Liaison

From negotiations to chasing progress

We can liaise with any financial institution on your behalf, concerning all aspects of your loan from negotiations right through to chasing progress on your behalf.

  1. Searches

It’s our job

As your licensed conveyancer, it is our job to make all the necessary enquiries to ensure that there are no applicable outstanding notices or charges, and that you are purchasing an unencumbered property.

  1. Property Completion

Taking ownership

Property completion usually takes place around 5 weeks after exchanging contracts, however this can vary. We will attend to the settlement of the property on your behalf. Once settlement is completed you are able to take ownership of the property.


As the vendor of a property, you’ll need to have a contract of sale prepared before you are able to market the property through a real estate agent or by yourself.

 The selling cycle includes:

  1. Contracts

What are the conditions

At Phoenix Conveyancing we can prepare contracts of sale within 48 hours of receiving instructions (subject to the availability of the Council 149 zoning Certificate) so that the marketing of the property can commence quickly and effectively.

  1. Contract Exchange

Becoming bound

When a purchaser has been found and a price agreed upon through your real estate agent, we can then attend to negotiations with the purchaser’s representative and complete exchange of contracts on your behalf.

  1. Bank Liaison

Proceeding through to the settlement

Once the contracts are exchanged we can liaise with the lending institution in relation to removing the mortgage on the title. We adjust all the rates, taxes and levies where applicable and proceed through to the settlement stage of the transaction.

  1. Property Completion

Transferring ownership

Property completion usually takes place around 5 weeks after exchanging contracts, however this can vary. We will attend to the settlement of the property on your behalf. Once settlement is completed ownership of the property is transferred.


A common conveyancing transaction is the transfer of title ownership from one party to another. This can be a non-arm’s length transaction between family members, spouses or husbands and wives. Sometimes there are duty implications on these transfers so please contact us if you require further information.


Are you re-financing your property or properties?

Sometimes, your new financier will appoint a solicitor or agent to prepare the mortgage documentation and facilitate the settlement. In this event, you may find it helpful to have some assistance from your end of the transaction and there may be several issues which will need attention by you including answering requisitions, providing necessary searches and certificates and attending final settlement to collect surplus funds. It is also important to know that most lenders will not check figures with you before effecting settlement. This means that if your existing bank or lender mis-calculates the payout figure on your loan, you could be left having to chase a refund or worse, your settlement may be cancelled due to insufficient available funds.


Phoenix Conveyancing can assist you with your subdivision of property including all necessary paperwork which includes liaising with your mortgagee, local council and the eventual lodgement of the plans at the Land & Property Information. For more information, please contact us.

other title related matters

Phoenix Conveyancing can also assist you with other title related conveyancing transactions, such as lost Title Certificates and Applications for re-issue; boundary re-alignments; conversion plans and the lodging and withdrawing of Caveats. For more information please contact us.